Galgenhumor (explicit lyrics)

Ok, normalerweise veröffentliche ich meine Blogbeiträge von hier auch auf Tumblr, heute mach ich es mit diesem „zukünftigen Blick“ zurück auf unsere Zeit ausnahmsweise mal andersrum. Vielleicht könnt Ihr damit ein bisschen lachen über unsere Zeit, die eigentlich oft eher zum Heulen ist. Ein Hinweis vorab: Der Text enthält Schimpfwörter und ist somit nur für Erwachsene geeignet. Von meinem Tumblr (deshalb auf englisch):

This is not history, this is MODERN history
As you all know the era of 2016-2018 is called the „fuck you“-era in our history books. Or the „we fucked ourselves without any need“-era. The people of that time, sometimes called fuckers by later generations, who blamed them for „fucking up the people, the environment, yes even the whole planet“ often had serious and wide ranging discussions (see below) on something they called internet.

(You there, in the second row, when and why died the internet? „2025, by that time, almost nobody besides criminals used it anymore anyway. The normal people boycotted it since 2018, when a study found out, that the internet was indeed not a real net, but just some numbers and electricity and that you could write there anything you wanted, even lies!!! The people felt betrayed, („Nobody told me it wasn’t real!“) and the „Make the world real again-Movement“ of the Greedy Corporation quickly built momentum to give the people a really real experience with „GC’s Virtual Reality“.“ Very good, you can sit down again.“)

A typical discussion during the „fuck you“-time often went like this:

„Fuck you,
No, Fuck YOU!!!
No, no, FUCK YOU!!!“

Some of the fuckers could even go on telling each other to fuck themselves for more than 29 hours! Often these discussions ended with everybody being seriously fucked.

Prominent people of the „fuck you“-era
The most prominent fucker was a president, who not only managed to fuck all the citizens of his country, but also the rest of the world. He once even got into a 4-hour long

„Fuck you!
No, Fuck YOU!!“
No, no, FUCK YOU!!!“

-shouting match with his hairdresser Jose. It is said the presidential entourage was thanking something called „oh god“, when a way to resolve this unpresidential situation luckily presented itself, when the age of the president, who was way beyond retirement age at the time the majority of the people of his country didn’t vote for him to become president, led to him falling asleep after 4 hours and they could remove him from his office.

P.S. If you know, what it exactly was, that the hairdresser Jose said, to make the president go and fuck him, please let us know. It might have had something to do with the president’s hands, but this is unconfirmed till now.

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