Islands of light

Ok. I was listening to the record „Psychodrama“ by Dave and suddenly was thinking:

Where would I be without Rap and HipHop?
Lost. I would be.
Gone. I would be.

And all these times when I heard someone rap, so true and honest, so fucking talented, that it brings tears to your eyes, fire in your heart and in a splitsecond makes you suddenly be good friend with humanity again, because a race, that can bring forth something so beautiful, so true, so talented has to have something good in it.„Islands of light“ weiterlesen

A few words about Tash Sultana -explicit lyrics-

Ok. It is time again for „A few words about…“. This time they are about Tash Sultana. Writing about Tash Sultana is a bit unusual for me, I admit it. In many ways.„A few words about Tash Sultana -explicit lyrics-„ weiterlesen

A few words to „Entitled“ by Torae – Be the change you wanna see

Ok. It is some time since the last „A few words to…“ piece. I made a few halfhearted attempts, but no record touched me enough AND made me passionate enough about it, for me to try to light the fire in other souls.„A few words to „Entitled“ by Torae – Be the change you wanna see“ weiterlesen

A few words to „Blonde“ by Frank Ocean-„We gonna see the future first“

As always with the „A few words“-series, the warning beforehand: Explicit lyrics and words follow.

Ok. Much has been written about „Blonde“ by Frank Ocean. I am unsure, if I could add any new things about the record or the music in itself. But I definitely can add something new, when I tell you what his music makes with me. Most reviews I saw, described the record as a work of genius. Now I know exactly where these people come from and in principle I agree, yet I can’t say the whole record is genius, because I do have one complaint. But one thing I am sure about, is, that this is an important work of art. An important work for human beings.„A few words to „Blonde“ by Frank Ocean-„We gonna see the future first““ weiterlesen