Islands of light

Ok. I was listening to the record „Psychodrama“ by Dave and suddenly was thinking:

Where would I be without Rap and HipHop?
Lost. I would be.
Gone. I would be.

And all these times when I heard someone rap, so true and honest, so fucking talented, that it brings tears to your eyes, fire in your heart and in a splitsecond makes you suddenly be good friend with humanity again, because a race, that can bring forth something so beautiful, so true, so talented has to have something good in it.„Islands of light“ weiterlesen

A few words to „Entitled“ by Torae – Be the change you wanna see

Ok. It is some time since the last „A few words to…“ piece. I made a few halfhearted attempts, but no record touched me enough AND made me passionate enough about it, for me to try to light the fire in other souls.„A few words to „Entitled“ by Torae – Be the change you wanna see“ weiterlesen

A few words to „Blank Face“ by ScHoolboy Q – me no conversate with the fake, that part!

As always a warning: This piece contains very expressive language and thoughts!

The „How it began“ part
Ok. This happened: With ScHoolboy Q I usually have my troubles. I think he is massively talented and on every record he has a few joints blowing me away, but there are also the ones I think are totally boring and uninteresting. Once you heard how cool he thinks himself and how he fucks with this or that woman and he finds no new ways to see, feel, say this, it gets absolutely pointless. Which is a shame, because musically he is really good and tries new ways. So all this combined to me putting off listening to „Blank Face“ for some time.„A few words to „Blank Face“ by ScHoolboy Q – me no conversate with the fake, that part!“ weiterlesen

A few words to DMX – A letter of love to Rap

Ok. Wie vor ein paar Tagen schon mal angekündigt, schreibe ich heute über DMX. Eigentlich wollte ich nur über eine Scheibe von ihm schreiben, nämlich über „Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood“, aber je mehr ich drüber nachgedacht hab, desto mehr hatte ich zu sagen. Und jetzt ist aus dem Ganzen ein ganz anderer Beitrag geworden. Ein durcheinandergewirbeltes Etwas: Eine Annäherung an Rap, an Missverständnisse, die viele Menschen mit Rap haben und an meine Liebe zu Rap. Und es ist ellenlang geworden. Sorry! Wie immer werde ich in Englisch schreiben weil ich Musik einfach auf Englisch denke. Ab jetzt ist also wieder Erwachsenenzeit, explicit lyrics and free thoughts ahead. Menschen unter 18 Jahren müssen nu leider heimgehen, s’is jetzt Sperrstunde für Euch.„A few words to DMX – A letter of love to Rap“ weiterlesen