Michael Koslar „Das Salz in der Suppe“

The following is -sadly- only for people able to read german, but the book „Salz in der Suppe“ about Dieter Koslar, written by him -posthum-and his son is so unique, that I have to tell you about it anyway:

Dieter Koslar was an amateur racing cyclist from Cologne and it is fair to say, that he was very successful. After hanging up his wheels, he ran the cycling program of the local sport club, the PSV Köln, went on to direct and coach many german national champions and found the first professional cycling team in Cologne, Team Gerolsteiner. After his death the cycling team, then called Team Cologne, ended, too.

First up I have to confess: I am not sure if I like the book. But I am very, very glad I’ve read it. I have a rule about books: Every book gets a chance, but only for the first two chapters. If I am not curious for the third chapter, I stop reading the book, because I don’t ever want to feel obliged to read a book. This one made the cut, but it was very, very close!

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