Es ist 2016 und alle flippen aus

Ok. Das ist kein richtiger Beitrag, nur ein kurzes Luftmachen und von der Seele schreiben. Es ist, als wären in 2016 plötzlich alle verrückt geworden. Um deutlich zu machen, wie schlimm es in der Welt grad aussieht, hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung:„Es ist 2016 und alle flippen aus“ weiterlesen

Thinking of England or How does it feel like to hate?

Ok. The following was triggered by all the hate coming from and happening in England. I was aware, that racism was part of their culture. You just have to read their newspapers to see that. But I was not aware to what extent. And I am horrified. It is a nightmare and should be a lesson to everybody: The moment you think „them“ and „us“ and think „they“ are the problem – you already lost it. Sometimes this happens, without us realizing it. This divisive thought creeps into our everyday thinking and is transformed from a feeling into a certainty and then into a fact. A fact without any prove, but a fact nonetheless.„Thinking of England or How does it feel like to hate?“ weiterlesen